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Body care

Citrus Glow

Leave your body glowing silky-smooth and tingling with vitality This exfoliating treatment helps drive away dry and scaly skin with its blend of uplifting ingredients including lavender,lemon ,grapefruit in a unique softening warm sea salt scrub The treatment is of followed by a moisturizing body lotion.

Approx. 30mins RM88

Botanical Scrub

Botanical Scrub contains natural botanical extracts that exfoliate effectively by dissolving dead superficial skin tissue.Gentle enough for the most sensitive skin,the scrub peels away the build-up of dull dry skin:leaving you feeling smoother ,renewed ,polished and thoroughly cleansed.

Approx.30mins RM88

Diamond Dermabrsion Mark-Free(Body By Part)

The microdermabrasion comforting lifts up the skin surfacece by its hingly powered vacuum suction and at the same lime,it softly peels the dead skin cells causing the appearance of the stretch marks.This treatment effectivery enhances skin tone.blood blood circulation and skin texure.

Approx.30mins RM159 - 300

Fir Hot Blanket

Fir Hot Blanket procedure is based on the application of infrared radiation bands and heats they layer below the skin for breaking the fat.This treatment is designed to help you to lose inches,improving body shape,body size and body contour. The heat enable the skin to better absorb active substances in the Firming Cold Gel This therapy also improves blood circulation as well as removes toxin and waste through perspiration.

Approx.30mins RM 118

Healthy Trim

A unique wrap using aromatherapy detox oil to infuse into the body for breaking down of fatty deposits and re-mineraling the skin.This treatment is ideally formulated for the purpose of improving skin tone and smoothening the lumpy appearance of cellulite. FOC with selected body care treatments

Approx.30mins RM129

Marine Wrap

Perfect for our warm climate, this delightfully refreshing treatment trims inches off your arms, thighs, hips. abdomen and bust line. Indulge in a light massage of Dead Sea mineral concentrate that eliminates stubborn fats under the skin, followed by a 20-minute warm wrap to visibly enhance your silhouette. Finally, an exquisite layer of all-natural massage cream further firms and moisturises the skin. FOC with selected body care treatments

Approx.30mins RM 128


A revolutionary system that helps to relieve muscles pains and spasms in muscle contusions.This treatment provides a passive exercise to paralysed muscles and helps to mobilize oedema fluid in swollen extremities,preventing muscle fatigue.Though intensive machine massage.Transfigurabon also maintains joint mobility and muscle tone as well as to break down adhesions between superficial and deep tissues, such as scars and fatty deposits found in the hyperdermis layer of the skin.

Body Spot Approx.20mins RM138

Singnature Massage

Awake and Connection the Face To Face Beauty . Signa-ture Aromassage,bleend asynergy of techniques and are specially designed with warm aromatherapy oils to focus on creaty the glow of health.relieving stress and leaving your body and wind in total balance and harmony.Both aromassages are memorable, bliss-inducing moments.

Awake Approx.60mins - RM 166 Connection Approx.90mins - RM 214

Rub Your Worries Away

For the busy executives .Those stressful moments are rubbed away with a quick but deeply relaxing massage on the head.neckshoulder and back.

Approx.45mins RM 88

Away Massages (2 part)

A therapy that simulates meridian lines to move lymphatic build-up and manually unblock our lymph node to reduce water retention and toxins.

Body Spot Approx.60mins RM 200

Free Movement Massage

A combination of Swedish .shiatsu and Deep Tissue motions -styles which consists of cicular and transverse strokes .Feel an amazing release as the invigorating movements work the tension out of your body.Using aromatic plants with anti-viral properties as the massage oil's main ingredient the massage will calm your state of mind and rejuvenate you.

Approx.60mins RM 166

Back Gua Sha

Gua Sha is a healing technique used in traditional medicine for more than two thousands years.

Body Spot *Approx.30mins RM58

Face care

Anti-Stress Relaxing Facial

The skin is massaged with herbalised oils that contains essential oil and herbal extracts. Essential oils have potent to the skin and effectively for inducing relaxation of both body and mind, calming the nerves and reducing stress. Stress is considered a contributory factor on many diseases and even in skin and hair problems like acne, pigmentation, skin sensitivity, dandruff, and hair loss. Aromatheraphy to be the finest ways to combat the detrimental effects of stress, restoring the beauty. tranquillity and hanmony.Precious and pure essential oils of lavender .rose,chamomile. tea tree , geranium.No comedogenic.

Approx.60mins RM 98

Facia Lady's Dream 2

A reinvigorating facial experience combining Master Piece, designed for the sheer luxury of a modem woman. A comprehensive cleansing, exfoliating, purifying and massaging techniques to help promote a smoother and more radiant complexion. Master Piece treatment works wonder in treating acne scars, pigmentation, bums, wrinkled skin, bulky pores, skin hyper-secretion, eye sacks, black eye circle and flaccid eyelids.

Approx. 90 mins RM 148

Gentlement's Retreat 2

A gentle relaxation and purifying treatment especially for men. Starting with deep cleansing, exfoliation and extraction, it is followed by a gentle facial massage for the ultimate clean, revitalized feel. It also aids in controlling acne and removing blemishes.

Approx. 90 mins RM 148

Porcelain White

The perfect solution for a cleanserfairer and suppler complexion Aimed at counteracting dark spot and darker skin tones ,as well as hyper-pigmentation caused by environmental or hormonal factors this treatment can be face only,or for the full body including face.

Face Approx.90mins- RM 148 Body SporApprox.60 mins \ RM 118 - RM 190

Master Piece

This quick treatment works wonders in treating acne scars, burns, pigmentation, wrinkled skin, bulky pores skin hyper-secretion. eye sacks, black eye circle and flaccid eyelids.

Approx. 15 mins RM 38

Most Basic

You will be spoilt with our hot fine spray that helps soften your skin to facilitate extraction without causing unnecessary injury to the skin FOG with selected face care treatments

Approx. 10mins

Pure Indulgenti

A face and neck treatment that helps remove toxins improve blood circulation using various shaped electrodes that stimulate subcutaneous tissue. Nutrients are also brought to the treated areas so that dry, lifeless skin will be greatly improved with enhanced metabolism This treatment is available in one or two full facial rounds or simply on extracted portions only. Time varies according to individual's skin condition I FOG with selected lace care treatments

Approx. 8 mins

Pinky Fresh

A follow-up treatment with a cold soothing fine spray that helps to reduce redness after the extraction process. FOG with selected face care treatments

Approx. 8 mins

School Girl Complexion

A choice of hot or cool massage treatment. The hot massage helps open pores to remove impurities and improve blood circulation, while the cool massage aids in tightening pores for suppler, smoother skin. Both treatments include a relaxing. de-stressing Bio Magnet and Bio Vibration function that nourishes the skin.

Cool treatment approx. 10 mins - RM 38 Hot treatment approx. 10 mins - RM 38

DR.PGA Moisturizing Treatment

Excessive skin redness is often accompanied by sensitivity .flushing ,heat and overall tightness To reduce the severity or occurrences of these triggers.fragile skin requires vital nutrients that will help strengthen cell function.recude inflammation And avoid irritation.What is most important in helping to reduce and control the redness and soothe current symptoms and treat and prevent future occurrences. y-PGA which absorbs water 10 times more than Hyaluronic Acid.

Approx. 160mins RM 390

DR.PGA Whitening Treatment

Pigmentation and sun damage are two closely related issues that often triggers from dry skin.Our skin water reservoir lost its ability to hold to and trap moisture and thus contributes to wrinkle formation.

Approx.120mins RM280

Facial Gua Sha

Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese healing technique dating back thousands of year Gua Sha is used to extract toxin waste. remove Blood stagnation, promote normal circulation and metabolic processes of the body. The Gua Sha treatment comes with a face cleansing (scalp massage.

Approx.105 mins RM298

Perfecting The Past

Be transformed by this lustrous experience designed to minimize blotchy skins and skin blemishes, soften facial lines as well as reduce acne and chicken pox scars. Feel the skin massage effects of the treatment as it enhances your skin circulation to bring out its natural glow. An exfoliation course is included for a flawless touch. For people who are serious about healthy skin, this it is.

Face Approx. 90 mins - RM280 Body Spot* Approx. 60 mins RM 180-280

Mesa Therpy

This machine combine with BIO (Meso infusion), ultrasound and led theraphy which effective in repairing and nourishing the damaged skin and improve skin problems. Meso infusion, layered oriented directly inject many kinds of nutrition into deep seated cells, promote metabolism, lymph and blood circulation, effectively absorb products higher 2000 times. Ultrasonic power reaches deep into your skin and accelerates to resolve fat under your skin and and gives diet effect by 1,000,000 cycles of micro vibration per second. LED therapy. complex light helps to promote microcirculation. dissipate blood stasis and tranquilize your mind.

Approx.120mins RM390

Nano C

Nano C concentration vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) with Nano liposome booster formula unhealthy skin Condi-tions and lightens skin pigment. It help to stimulate skin cells, nourishing, repair skin cells and provide cells Nutrients, rebalance and reproduce skin , regenerate skin collagen, elastic, lifting and firming.

Approx.165mins RM390

Meso Thepry+Diamond Dermabrasion

This gentle exfoliating treatment removes dull skin tone.chicken pox scar marks and reduce fine lines &wrinkles.An exfoliation course is included for a flawless touch.For people who are serious about healthy skin this is it. This machine combine with 1310 (Meso infusion), ultrasound and led theraphy which effective in repairing and nourishing the damaged skin and improve skin problems. Meso infusion, layered oriented directly inject many kinds of nutrition into deep seated cells, promote metabolism, lymph and blood circulation, effectively absorb products higher 2000 times. Ultrasonic power reaches deep into your skin and accelerates to resolve fat under your skin and and gives diet effect by 1.000.000 cycles of micro vibration per second. LED therapy. complex light helps to promote microcirculation, dissipate blood stasis and tranquilize your mind.

Approx.135mins RM458

Clear Ance

This special acne treatment clears controls, and vents breakouts We use our own unique acne -fighting formula with gentle micro-beads to exfoliate skin and help reach deep benealth the surface or the skin to clear pores of oil and debris .Following a thorough facial cleanser we use a gentle toner that reaches deep into pores to break down and eliminate 'bacteria-friendlracne-producing oil. To finish the treatment a lightweight lotion rich with antioxidants is applied to treat rejuvenate challenged acne affected skin. The active levels of salicylic acid helps keep pores clear and open

Approx.120mins - RM198 Body Spot Approx. 60 mins \ RM 159 - 280


This cleansing treatment helps remove those deep-rooted whiteheads.which are caused by the use of rich skin care products ,prolonged history of sun damage Rhin diseases such as Prophyria Cutanea Tarda and through genetic inheritance.Enjoy a soothing cleansing regimen and expert extraction of the white bumps followed by a gentle exfoliation and rejuvenation process-all performed skillfully by our qualifiled therapists.

Face Approx.10min - RM193 Body Approx . 20min - RM193

A Turn For The Better

Red Light The red light absorbed selecyively by the pigments and blood vessel can reach the result of skin rejuvenation whitening ,speckle and vascular removing,reducing,acne and recovering the injured skin. Blue Light The blue light can inhibit the inflammation .kill acne bacillus so as to eliminate acne of the skin. Mixed Light The mix light of red and blue can improve the microcirculation to irritate the fabric cellular to enhance collagen and elastic fibers production recon struct the dermis collagen fabric structure eliminate fine wrinkle .enhance stretch facial skin and effectively alleviate symptom of laxity so to change the roughness dark tone of facial skin. Theory of PDT As the most advanced technology ,PDT beauty system using America original LED photobiology with the purity of 99% light acts on the target skin tissues to raise the activity of cell and improve the metabolism .No thermal effect,no injury and discomfort on the skinwhich is not available for traditional skin care products.

Approx. 10 mins RM 49


Face to Face Beauty House, established since 2009, is professional beauty houses who are here to rescue the day with their excellent Face Re-Shaping and Slimming Treatment. Doughy dermal layers are stripped of offending dirt and oil, as massage machines hover at the ready to allow slimming solutions safe passage in the war against baby blubber to create V shape faces. Utilizing Dr. PGA products from the US, therapists with up to 13 years of fatty impalement assure wobbly chins of painless procedures quite unlike surgery and shame-faced soldiering on.

Approx.60mins - RM128 Approx.90mins - RM168

Eye care

Pleasing To The Eye

A customised treatment for the beautiful windows to the soul. Helps reduce dark eye circles, puffy eye Sacks and unsightly crow's feet. A firming booster and pressure point massage is included for enhanced circulation and firmer eye skin tone.

Approx. 45minst RM108

Eyeing On You

With special dermabrasion formula that is extremely effective on skin affected by poor circulation and lymphatic drainage .Eyeing On You is a treatment specifically focused to minimize dark eye rings and puffy eye bags.

Approx. 45mins RM149

Eye Gua Sha

With Gua Sha is a tradition Chinese healing technique dating back thousand of year.Gua Sha is extract toxin waste,remove blood cicle.A firming booster and pressure point massage is included for enhanced circulation and firmer eye skin tone.

Anarnx 45rnins RM98

Eye Raising

Balance your facial features with this grooming technique that will perfect your brows to lift your eyes and frame your face. FOC With selected lace care treatment

Approx.15mins RM16



Combat the signs of ageing around the neck and shoulder, areas that are most often neglected. Silken is specially designed with the use of technology and superior exfoliation formula (Dermabrasion) to reduce the appearance of superficial lines and smoothen out rough skin texture. It also clearing acne scars and fading hyper-pigmentation while irritation and dryness of the skin is reduced.

Approx. 40 mins RM149

Neck Lift

This innovative therapy is suitable for both neck and eye and helps to reduce wrinkle lines.firms up saggy skin removes double chins.

Approx.40mins RM 108

Meso Neck lift

Offers neck contour lifting by re-programming muscle fibrestifts. tones & firms neck- sagging jaw line, mouth and crow's feet. In addition to this, beneficial programmes include meso therpy chemical cleansing. circulation, lymph drainage. iontophoresis with collagen (improves elasticity & cell renewal). The Ultra Visage TM is sure to leave your complexion looking & feeling full of life

Approx.40mins RM108

SPA care

SPA CARE FOR HIM & HER | Moment Of Suppleness

Lady's Dream 2 \ Gentleman's Retreat 2 Relaxing Scalp Massage Dr.PGA Sensol Hand Spa

Approx.105mins RM256

Moment Of Perfection

Perfecting The Past Rub Your Worries Away(Gentleman's) Awake Massage(Lady's) Botanical Scrub

Approx.15Omin RM446

Happy Ever After

Anti-Stress Relaxing Facial Relaxing Scalp Massage & Siken

Approx.90mins RM196


Wax Away

Choose from a wide selection of high quality waxes enriched with the best active ingredients of pine and azulene ,suitable for all skin types.These waxes uses purified rosins and rich oils that provide excellent grip on fine or tough hair and leave the skin soft and smooth with minimal reddening .Different rosins are formulated for each skin and hair type in order to allow gentle hair removal.

Upper Lips RM 16 - 26, Shoulders RM 52 - 62, Back RM 68 - 88, Under Arm RM 28 - 36, Lower Arm RM 32 - 42, Upper Arm RM 32 - 42, Full Arm RM 58 - 78, Tummy RM 20 - 40, Lower Leg RM 37 - 47, Upper Leg RM 42 - 52, Full Leg RM 70 - 90

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